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  • Dance Classes for Bollywood. - Initially The choreography of Bollywood dances takes inspiration from Indian folk dances, classical dances (like kathak) as well as disco and from earlier Hindi filmi dances. But now Bollywood has come upto a different level, locking, popping, hip-hop, jazz, contemporary etc has become the ingredient of Bollywood Choreography.  In simple way we can define Bollywood dance as the dance performed on Bollywood songs, whatever may be the base style, but it has to be expressive and lyrical. We guarantee to be the best bollwood dance class provider in Mumbai.



  • Dance Classes for Hip hop/locking/popping/krumping/lyrical/breaking – All these street styles are taught in a package, so if you are looking to take a dance classes for Hip hop + other street style hurry up and call now.



  • Dance Classes for Salsa- Salsa is a popular form of social dance that originated in Yuma with strong influences from Latin America, particularly Cuba and Puerto Rico. We have a structured curriculum for Salsa Dance which makes you feel comfortable to learn the elegant dance moves step by step. You start with the mambo-cumbia-cukaracha to combinations and don’t even come to know that you have become the salsa performer.



  • Dance Classes for Jazz- Acording to Oscar Sir Jazz is defined as, “a semi classical western dance form which has been inspired form the western classical ballet.” We follow the best dance curriculum of Jazz Dance which was designed by Mr. Al Gilbert in New Orleans. We are one of the best Jazz Dance Class provider in Mumbai, India.



  • Dance Classes for Contemporary- contemporary got popularity in india after the biggest dance show of indian television, Dance India Dance. It has its base of ballet and modern dance but these days experiments has made it broader and complicated. Finally we can conclude that it can be identified easily if the performer have that elegance, flexibility and style. It is one of the most demanding dance form in India, and we are the best supplier of contemporary teachers.



  • Dance Classes for tap-is our identity, there are hardly anyone who is teaching the western classical form of dance, “the tap”, it’s tough   but is fun to learn it, it improves your rhythm sense 10 times better thn what you may not get from other dance form. This form was one of the best of Oscar sir and so is for Saif Ali Ansari.



  • Dance classes for Zumba-olly/fitness/aerobics/aerojazz/ladies dance etc.- now a days the lifestyle has entertained obesity so much that everyone is worried how to lose it. We guarantee you to lose your weight and burn your calories to be a happy self being and even beat many diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, stress etc.

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