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Saif Sir has a strong believe in blessings and curse, he believe that every action has equal and opposite reaction in this world as Newton has stated, so he always try his best to gain blessings, right now the number of students, staff and a nice family is all because of good deed he has done in his past and doing in his present and will carry forward till his last breath.



Saif Sir beleives that he is lucky to be chosen by Allah to help needy, he still remembers that very first day when he met Prayas manager Mr. Nadar, he was full of tears when heard about the kind of kids who were attending class at Prayas. Prayas is an NGO which provides tutions to the slum kids who cant afford education in this expensive world. Actually Saif Sir use to observe these kids many time when he use to park his bike near the school where he use to teach dance. Finally one day Saif Sir approached Nadar Sir and then met Raut Sir and finally decided to train the kids for an upcoming event of prayas. Since then Saif Creations is associated with Prayas have done lot of events for prayas, majorly Republic Day and Independence Day. We have even given platform to the kids in various events including Razzle Dazzle - Saif Creations Annual Show. We dont say we are the only one institute who is involved into such a social cause, there are many people who are doing it, so big round of applause for all of us who are thinking for humans and giving an example of humanity.....


Helping nature is a gift that Saif Sir got from her mother. They were very poor at a time but his mother never backed out from helping other. He believe strongly what his guru the legendary Choreographer Oscar Unger have taught him, support and help people when you are growing because they will hold you up in your bad time. And it happened truly in 2016 which was unbearable and explainable. But with God's grace everything is absolutely fine and smooth now.

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