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Full Event Just in 2 Lakh

The actual value of event in too high than what we have offered, as we have our own inventory, that is why it is manageable for us, but you will be in 100% profit. We are serving #theclassinbudget

We will provide you

1. Sound - 2 bass 2 top 2 cordless 1 DJ

2. Light - 2 Sharpy, 10 Led Par, 10 Face light, 2 Light stand, 1 Smoke Machine, 1 Lazer.

3. Entry - Like@ big ring, chariot etc

4. 1 Choreographer for around 15 songs

5. Led wall - 16x8 feet

6. 1. Anchor

7. 1 day pre wedding shoot without drone ( for drone 10k extra )

8. Sangeet full direction, with basic scripting, flow of event and planning ( concept/theme scripting will cost extra depending upon difficulty )

9. Male dancers - 4 with costume ( female background dancers will be charged )

10. Customized Led wall graphics ( for advance graphics like composite, chroma, interactive etc ) 

11. Icing on the cake, "FREE WEBSITE". All event will be covered from start to end except honeymoon. (all provided material will be uploaded, so if any special requirement like logo / photo editing / video editing / graphics will be charged extra, if you book our photography and videography team then no extra costing of creative work.) 

Contact@ +91 88988 88630



Sangeet Sandhya are the life and soul of Indian Wedding. It begins a couple of day before the wedding which is normally performed by the family members with or without any previous dance experiences. We are known as the best choreographers for Sangeet Sandhya in Mumbai / Pune  / Goa - Maharastra - India.


Sangeet Sandhya's are organized by the family members of the bride and groom to celebrate the beginning of new relationship. The entire event comprises of fun,dance music and much more making your even a memorable one. We not only do the choreography for sangeet but manage the whole sangeet as an event planner for sangeet.


For Sangeet sandhya, we will guide you in the following:


  • Selection of a theme

  • Song Selection

  • Song editing and mixing

  • Script and Direction for Sangeet Sandhya

  • Planning venue and date for rehearsals

  • Dance rehearsals

  • Audio Visual/Presentation (Complementary)

  • Flow of event as client want.


Saif Creations with its experience and knowledge of the latest trends assists you to meet the dancing aspirations of your family members. We choreograph for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays based on theme we decide while discussions in our first meeting.

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Though we are doing the Big Fat Wedding events in Country but we always remember our root, 20 years ago I Saif Ali Ansari started my career as a choreographer and have done more than 200 wedding choreography. And with blessings of almighty we are at this height today. Thanks to one and all to believe in us and support us.

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